Mike’s work as a composer (as distinct from songwriting involving lyrics) is something that has always been a characteristic of his solo albums, in which songs were/are  interspersed with instrumental/orchestral tracks in his own very distinctive style usually but not always combining a rhythm section with a symphony orchestra. For examples of this, see “SCHIZOPHONIA” “TAROT SUITE”, WAVES, “SIX DAYS IN BERLIN”, “ZERO ZERO, “ARABESQUE” and “SONGS OF LOVE AND WAR” (example links below are inevitably duplicated elsewhere on this site in “artist” and other sections). Mike also writes in a more traditional “classic” orchestral style, often when working to commission. Examples of this work can be heard on his album “A Classical Tale” and on various film soundtracks (see links to “A Classical Tale” below). He has written a number of symphonic suites and overtures based on his film and TV music.

Self-taught in all his musical functions from piano playing to composing, orchestration and conducting, Batt orchestrates all his own compositions, without exception.  He is known for his ability and preference to work very quickly, and often creates false deadlines in order to drive the pace of composition. Until 1989 he used manuscript paper and pencil for all his orchestrations, but in that year he adopted the (then new) software system of FINALE which, like later software packages including the widely used SIBELIUS software) – allow the composer to write onto “virtual” manuscript on a computer screen. This does not reduce the workload or creative complexity of orchestration, but it minimises the possibility of errors in the process formerly performed by a copyist, who,  instead of laboriously copying out parts from the score by hand, now performs an equally important task, that of extracting the parts electronically from the score and printing them for each individual musician.  The copyist then takes Mike’s conductor score and prints it out a neatly in time for the session or concert.

The links to compositional work are divided into sections, - firstly tracks from solo and personally generated projects and solo albums, and secondly, purely orchestral pieces.


(spool down to lower list for compositions not from solo albums)

Berber’s Prayer (from SCHIZOPHONIA 1976)

Insh’allah (from SCHIZOPHONIA 1976)

The Fires Of Rabat (from SCHIZOPHONIA 1976)

Introduction (The JourneyOf A Fool) (From Tarot Suite 1979)

Plainsong (From Tarot Suite 1979

The Valley Of Swords (From Tarot Suite 1979)

Tarota (From Tarot Suite 1979)

The Night Of The Dead (From Tarot Suite 1979)

The Dead Of The Night (From Tarot Suite 1979)

Waves (From Waves, 1980)

Conga Reel (From Waves, 1980)

Lobsterissimus Bumbicissimus (From Waves, 1980)

Echo Foxtrot (From Waves, 1980)

Sierra Tango (From Waves, 1980)

Six Days In Berlin (Part One) – contains some vocals/song sections

Six Days In Berlin (Part Two)

Six Days In Berlin (Part Three)

Six Days In Berlin (Part Four)

Six Days In Berlin (Part Five)

Six Days In Berlin (Part Six)

Introduction (The Birth Of Number 17) –From Zero Zero (1982)

Delirium – From Zero Zero (1982)

Zero Zero -  From Zero Zero (1982)

The Dance Of The Neurosurgeons - From Zero Zero (1982)

Love Makes You Crazy (Instrumental Reprise) From Zero Zero (1982)

Scorpio Prelude – From Songs Of Love And War (1988)

Battlefield Theme - From Arabesque (1995)

Irish Peace – From Arabesque (1995)

Chorale – From Arabesque (1995)

Arabesque – From Arabesque (1995)



(see further list below for various other links to compositions)

On Watership Downfrom “Watership Down Suite” as featured on “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Military Theme And Development  from “Watership Down Suite” as featured on “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Winter On Watership Down from “Watership Down Suite” as featured on“A Classical Tale” (2015)

Love In Slow Motion from the album “Classical Graffiti” by The Planets as featured on “A Classical Tale” (2015)

“Dublin” Overture from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Dreamstone Overture No 1 - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Dreamstone Overture No 2 - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Dreamstone Overture No 3 - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Dreamstone Overture No 4 - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Dreamstone Overture No 5 - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Aspiditra Suite- 2nd Movement - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

A Christmas Overture - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)

Caravan On The Move - from “A Classical Tale” (2015)