Streep To PLay Ringo In New Beatle Film


Meryl Streep (40) has been signed to play Ringo Starr (91) in a new, revealing film – “Beatles Force Ale” about the Beatles, and the untold story of how they invented a special strength beer and marketed it in moments backstage and between takes in the studio. The film will be directed by Mike Batt, (44) who will also play the role of Paul McCartney (52). Our picture shows Streep, between takes of “The Ironing Lady” – auditioning for Batt at Abbey Road Studios, which will feature in the film as itself.

“Just as we were excited to be a grandmother, we are now delighted to be involved in this true and moving story” said Meryl. “As part of our research into the character, we have to unlearn everything we ever knew about how to play the drums”
Ringo , recently elected as Member of Parliament for Lee-On-Solent, was unavailable for comment, but said “I think it’s crackin’ to be played by Meryl, and my drums are pleased to be played by her too”.
Principal photography will begin, ooh, really soon.

The film will be financed by Harvey Weingum of Weingum Brothers and distributed by Pinnacle Records Ltd., the record distribution company that went bust owing lots of money to small record labels but still managed to pay more than 5m in legal fees to its administrators. “Moving into the movie business seemed to us to be reaching out and drilling down to new strategies with synergistic extrapolations hitherto not part of our business model” said a spokesperson.

Any resemblance in this story to real persons living or dead, or to companies trading or in liquidation, are purely fictitious and all statements represented as facts are lies. (Ed)