The Chronicles OF Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley

Ergo Poster Crop.jpg

This is another project whose genesis came about in the early nineties, straight after the short run of “Snark” in the West End. Whilst writing a serious musical about love and war (Men Who March Away) I amused myself by simultaneously writing a piece that was as ridiculous as possible, essentially to cheer myself through what was a catastrophic episode both in terms of finance and morale. The early nineties were a time for rebuilding, and writing this story would keep me up all night with a bottle of white wine for company and a feeling of really having nothing to lose. The result was a “novel”  about a slug called Ergo  who wishes he could learn to play the piano (but has no hands) and wishes he could marry a fairy (although fairies do not fancy slugs). He becomes a great general and confronts the Pigfrogs who come out only at Christmas to squash you just for fun.


The book is not yet published. Extensive development of the property has occurred and there is a wide variety of artwork and character design. In the late nineties I pre-recorded the voice of Rik Mayall as narrator to an intended series of 11 audio podcast episodes which were never finished due to the drop-out of a very high profile star the day before recording was due to commence. Since then Ergo and his pals remain ready for action and awaiting orders.

ERGO: “Auditions for movie” teaser